Game: Dixit

The concept: Dixitis a card game that tells a story in pictures. The player, or narrator, must describe one of the cards in his hand in a word or phrase. The others choose the card they have that comes closest to the description and give it to the narrator, face down. All the cards (including the narrator's) are then shuffled and turned over, and players must vote to determine which card most closely resembles the description. Players earn points if they guess what the narrator's card was or if other players understand it is theirs. If at least one (but not all) player guesses what the narrator's card is, then both narrator and that player score more points, prompting free interpretive clues.

Why we love it: Dixit is a unique family game, similar to Apples to Apples or Blanc Manger Coco . You integrate the rules in a few moments, which induces less stress than Secret Hitler or The Sheriff of Nottingham , for example, whose rules are very complex. If strategy is basic, you have to be smart and creative to score points. And the images are magnificent: I have played with several adults who have made “stories” of them on Instagram. Plus, there are a variety of expansions to keep your interest aroused and you swoon over more and more awesome maps (check out the weird Daydreams Pack or the Memories option., bold and colorful).

"I love Dixit for its intergenerational games, as long as the players have imagination," said Wirecutter section manager Tim Barribeau. The founder of The Brooklyn Strategist bar, Jon Freeman, describes Dixit as "a great socializing game . " Dixit won the 2010 Spiel des Jahres Award and has an average of 7.3 / 10 for 36,000 votes on Board Game Geek and an Amazon 4.6 / 5 star rating under 763 user reviews.

Number of players: 3 to 6

Duration: 30 minutes